Panel Discusses 40 Years of Title Nine

Nov 8, 2012

It’s very likely many athletes in Kentucky high schools are not aware of a 1972 educational amendment which changed the face of athletics.  A panel discussion in recognition of the 40th anniversary of the Title Nine ruling was held yesterday at Midway College.  The landmark legislation banned sex discrimination in schools for both academics and athletics.  Kathy DeBoer, former UK Assistant Athletics Director participated in the program yesterday.

“So, if you say to them, hey do you know about title nine, they’ll go title what?  What is it?  And if you say to them, have you ever been discriminate against because you’re a girl playing on a soccer team or a volleyball team.  They’ll go, no why would that happen.  That all happened in 40 years.”

Joining DeBoer in the conversation at Midway were Olympic Gold Medalist diver Micki King, former pro golfer Myra Blackwelter, and former UK Lady Cat Stacey Reed Sheppard.