Palin supports Paul

Sep 16, 2010

Louisville, KY – Republican Rand Paul is banking on the political clout of Sarah Palin as the former vice presidential nominee headlines a fundraiser for Paul in Louisville today. Paul is seeking Kentucky's open U.S. Senate seat against democrat Jack Conway. Besides fundraising, Paul isn't sure what impact Palin will have on his senate bid, but says he continues to be amazed by the tea party movement. Paul adds that candidates like himself are having success by running on issues that matter to voters.

"I mean a balanced budget amendment, if your poll that between republicans, democrats and independents. It polls at 70-80 percent in every interest group. If you poll term limits, it polls at 70-80 percent in every group."

Tea Party candidates chalked up two more victories in Tuesday's primaries in Delaware and New Hampshire. Rand Paul's won Kentucky's GOP Senate primary as the Tea Party favorite, but has since reached out to establishment republicans like Senate republican leader Mitch McConnell.