Paducah's Columbia Theatre on the ‘Cusp of Renovation’

Sep 29, 2017

Credit Matt Markgraf, WKMS

The historic Columbia Theatre in Paducah is making progress towards restoration but is quite a ways off from re-opening.

Maiden Alley Cinema Executive Director Landee Bryant-Greene said the building is “on the cusp of renovation.” She said the Paducah Art House Alliance oversees the restoration and is collecting initial funds to begin the first phase of renovation. This phase aims to prevent against further deterioration of the exterior. Greene said she is excited to open the space to the public in the future.

“You know, even if they don’t want to go see a movie or engage in whatever programming we’re doing, we want to also have tours and make it available for people to see it because it is a piece of art,” Bryant-Greene said. “It is a beautiful space.”

The Columbia Theatre opened in 1927 and closed thirty years ago. Greene said the Alliance wants to pay homage to the original architecture. She said the ground floor will capture the history of the building and the upstairs will be more functional and current. The Columbia will operate in partnership with Maiden Alley Cinema and serve as an expansion of programming. Renovation will begin late this year or early 2018.