Paducah's City Commission hears from nuclear plant workers on comp claims

Aug 29, 2012

An argument erupted last night at Paducah's city commission meeting between Mayor Bill Paxton and an advocate for nuclear plant workers dealing with rejected workers’ compensation claims.  Gary Vander Boegh represents several former Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant employees and often attends commission meetings with his clients. Vander Boegh has them tell their stories at the end of each meeting during the public comment portion. Last night, Paxton told Vander Boegh the city had little power to help the workers receive their claims. He said claimants must contact Congressman Ed Whitfield’s office. Paxton also asked Vander Boegh to only allow one of the several workers to give their testimony during the meeting. Vander Boegh did not like either suggestion.  City Commissioner Carol Gault proposed the Commission schedule a separate meeting with Vander Boegh and his clients to discuss the matter, and Mayor Paxton suggested they set up a conference call with Congressman Whitfield.