Paducah Sun Investigates City Manager Candidates

Oct 5, 2010

Paducah, KY – Paducah's four city manager candidate finalists have extensive experience listed on their resumes but also have past incidents that will likely generate questions when they visit for interviews this week. The Paducah Sun ran internet background checks and found three candidates were either fired or forced to resign from city administrative positions within the past three years. It also found one candidate was recently fined a thousand dollars for an ethics violation. City Commissioner Gayle Kaler tells the Sun it isn't unusual many of the candidates have been fired or forced out of previous jobs because city managers come and go with mayors for an average stay of five or six years.

The candidates include Frankfort City Manager Tony Massey; Elk City, Oklahoma City Manager Gary Dumas; former McHenry, Illinois City Manager Douglas Maxeiner; and Grand Island, Nebraska City Administrator Jeffrey Pederson.