Paducah Set To Reevaluate Main Street Department

Jun 26, 2013

Paducah City Manager Jeff Pederson says the city will reevaluate its Main Street Department. All three employees recently quit the department, which is designed to promote development in downtown and Lower Town areas. Main Street’s former executive director, Lisa Thompson, resigned from the position last month, and Pederson says the city is not currently looking for a replacement.

Instead, it will examine the department’s activities and decide whether or not it needs complete restructuring. Commissioner Allan Rhodes, owner of Lower Town’s Etcetera Coffeehouse, is happy about the decision to halt the hiring process. He says the executive director job might require too much of one person.

“I’m not sure there’s anybody out there who can do that job and do it well, so maybe we need to parcel some things out,” Rhodes said. “I guess I’m saying, I’m willing to embrace a big thing, a different thing.”

Pederson says he doesn’t know when the city will complete the reevaluation.