Paducah Seeking Grant to Repair Downtown Buildings

May 14, 2014


Credit Lance Dennee / WKMS

The City of Paducah is seeking a Delta Regional Authority grant through the States’ Economic Development Assistance Program (SEDAP) for improvements to downtown buildings.

Paducah Planning Director Steve Ervin told the City Commission he was seeking the grant at its Tuesday meeting.

“This grant application, if we did receive those funds, would certainly help us achieve some of those goals,” he said. “And, that’s the stabilization of our structures and filling those structures with both residential and retail first floor.”

The grant will fund renovations to several dilapidated downtown Paducah buildings. The SEDAP grant is for $200,000 with the city matching $75,000.

“We are proposing to use some of existing funds for roof stabilization to match it,” he said. “The program is for stabilization of those structures. Ultimately we would like to see is have those structures filled and have those structure benefitting the vitality of downtown.”

Ervin said the city wants to protect and preserve the buildings while bringing in new jobs and residents downtown.

Although McCracken County has some damaged buildings, the Delta Regional Authority has not included it in its 2014 Distressed Counties and Parishes list. That list is determined by county unemployment rates and per capita income.

The DRA assists 252 counties in 8 states in the delta region, including Kentucky.