Paducah Riverfront Group Poised to Present Plan

Apr 9, 2014


Credit Lance Dennee

The Paducah Riverfront Development Authority board is ready to present their plans to the City Commission to construct a marina along the Ohio River.

The project has drawn public criticism because the initial fill and piling phase of the project went over budget. The board has since made adjustments to the project to cut costs by nearly $2-million. A fuel station was one of the items that they looked into removing from the plans.

“The PRDA board has been meeting for a number of months, since the initial Phase 1A bids at Shultz Park and the boat launch came into the city,” PRDA executive director Steve Doolittle said. “They were a little more than expected and it created some consternation about how we are are going to move forward and how we are going to get the project done largely within the resources, the federal resources, we have available.”


Doolittle said the overall goal is to have Phase 1B to complete by fall.

“I think that 2014 should be a good year to think about completing up the elements that are on the river,” he added.

Paducah City Manager Jeff Pederson told the City Commission that the PRDA is poised to provide them with the board’s recommendations on the riverfront development project on Tuesday.

Regarding other downtown developments. Community members are still awaiting a franchise announcement for a planned hotel.

In December, the city announced that Senate Hospitality will build a 121 room hotel on the city side of the floodwall where the dome pavilion is currently located. Construction is expected to start in the summer.