Paducah Renaissance Alliance Wants to Expand Board

Feb 6, 2013


The Paducah Renaissance Alliance wants to expand its advisory board from nine to 15 members. Executive Director Lisa Thompson and Chairperson Darlene Mazzone lobbied for the increase at the Paducah City Commission meeting Tuesday, saying the move would bring more diversity to the board. Commissioner Sandra Wilson agreed.

“The PRA board would have more people to give them ideas, more people to submit suggestions about what could be done, so I think it’s a great idea to expand it,” Wilson said.

The Mayor and Commissioners will vote on the issue in an upcoming meeting, and Wilson thinks it will pass. The Commission also approved a resolution Tuesday supporting recommendations from a public pension task force to improve the state’s financially unstable pension system. These recommendations would reform the County Employees Retirement System and would include, among other items, the adoption of a hybrid cash balance plan for new employees in the system.