Paducah Police Department Earns Public Safety Award

Sep 25, 2014

Anti-texting and driving efforts orchestrated by the Paducah Police Department have earned a public safety award.

The nonprofit Kentucky League of Cities presented the Enterprise Cities Award to the PPD for its “Don’t Be In-text-icated program” that raises awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. Texting while driving is currently illegal in Kentucky.

Credit Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

The program debuted in 2012 at Paducah Tilghman High School and has seen over 4,000 participants.

Police Chief Brandon Barnhill said in a statement that he hopes the program's message has been made clear.

"The Paducah Police Department attributes a large portion of the reduction in collisions to the awareness that distracted driving can have tragic consequences," Barnhill said.

The $1,000 award will go toward the PPD’s future texting and driving efforts.