Paducah Planning Commission Tables RAMP Again

Jan 11, 2013

The Paducah Planning Commission tabled its discussion earlier this week on a plan to improve the downtown area. The Renaissance Area Master Plan has been in front of the commission for about eight months. Paducah Riverfront Development Authority director Steve Doolittle says the commission tabled the plan to sort out some outstanding issues such as riverfront properties that currently serve as parking lots.

“There has been concern expressed that if the plan is going to promote development on that site it should protect and enhance what the surrounding property owners have done," he said. " And I don’t think there’s honestly complete satisfaction on that in the view of some.”

PRDA has already taken out the plans for a parking garage that would have been behind some of the downtown buildings. Doolittle says putting the plan into action has not been postponed by lack of a vote because the project cannot be funded until the beginning of the next fiscal year.

"As long as it gets done in the next month or so, which I think it certainly will be done in plenty of time to consider elements for implementation," he said.

Doolittle says he expects RAMP to go in front of the planning commission again in February.