Paducah officials meet to discuss opening homeless sleep center

Paducah, KY – As January now to feels more like winter, Paducah's homeless are still without a shelter. Local advocate Michele Thomas is making headway to find the homeless a warm place to sleep. Thomas met with Paducah's city manager, chief of inspection, and city planner yesterday to discuss the possibility of opening a sleep center for homeless residents. Thomas says the sleep center be in Nehemiah Christian Church and would provide a place for those of sound mind and little resources to sleep out of the cold. The center will only be open from 10PM to 7AM. She says the city officials supported her idea.

"Obviously it's going to take some time to get a stand-alone shelter built and to code and within regulations. This is something we can do in the meantime to get through these cold harsh winter months." 4

There are still a few hoops for Thomas to jump through including a walk-through inspection of the privately-funded center, obtaining cots, pillows, and blankets, and approval from the Community Advisory Board. The Board will vote on whether the center is fit to open January 30th. If approved, Thomas says the center will open as soon as possible on the 31st.