Paducah Moving Forward with Implementing Curbside Recycling Program

Sep 13, 2017

Credit Laschon Maximilian, 123rf Stock Photo

The City of Paducah is moving forward with a curbside recycling program. Commissioners voted Tuesday night to move forward with developing plans to implement the service with a target date beginning January 2018. 

City Manager Jeff Pederson says the service would be adopted for environmental reasons, not due to state mandates or necessarily an attempt to preserve space in a landfill.

In a presentation to the commission, city officials proposed numerous assumptions for the program. The service would be voluntary and not mandatory and would cost residents participating between $3 to $5 dollars a month. This fee is due to the cost of disposing materials and purchasing containers. Collection would be twice per month, or every other week. They would not collect recyclables in alleys. They are also preparing for resident buy-in to grow over time.

The drop-off location will still be available.

The development of the program would mean restructuring other aspects of the Solid Waste Division, including diverting resources from yard waste collection by shifting it to a call-in request system.

Pederson and Mayor Brandi Harless said the city, and Kentucky in general, is behind the curve on adopting programs like curbside recycling. Harless said, however, this allows the city to see how other cities have implemented the program.

The city is expected to develop over the next few weeks an operational plan and policy changes, as well as a campaign to inform citizens about the program.

Specifics will be presented in the October 10 commission meeting.

Hinting at the chances of the program moving forward, Harless said the city has not adopted the program yet, “but we are on our way.”