Paducah - McCracken County Riverport Gets State Grant for Repairs

Jan 1, 2013

Credit WKMS File Photo

The Paducah/McCracken County Riverport is getting about $150 thousand in state grants this year to perform facility repairs.

Riverport Executive Director Ken Canter says they’ll use most of the funds to repair and replace a section of loading dock. He says,

“The most abuse over the last 30 years would be where the trucks are loaded, the heavier items are placed on trucks, forklifts maneuvering in and out, and twisting and turning and the concrete over the last 30 years has deteriorated to the point where now it’s hard on the equipment.”

Canter says they’ll also replace a section of railway and a track switch. He says the funds come from a matching grant, so the port will put another $150 thousand towards the repairs. Canter says repairs will start as soon as the paperwork is finalized.