Paducah Mayoral Race Down to Two

May 23, 2012

Small Business owner and Paducah City Commissioner Gayle Kaler will be running against former City Commissioner and retiree Robert Coleman for Mayor of that city. 

Both Candidates assured themselves a spot on the November ballot by beating McCracken County Deputy Judge Executive Doug Harnice and newcomer Charles Ringstaff.  Kaler won the vote by 16 points over Coleman, who has recently been ill and was unavailable for comment.  Kaler says the primary turned out much the way she expected.

"From the beginning I thought it would be Mr. Coleman and I, I always told people that. Mr. Coleman has been in Paducah and in politics for 30 something years. He’s been a fine commissioner all those years and has a lot of respect.  So I’m glad the race went the way it did today," says Kaler. 

Kaler credits her face-to-face encounters with Paducah citizens in creating the large gap in yesterday’s returns.  In addition to the mayoral and city commission race, voters decide on the city/county merger on the November ballot.