Paducah Man Arrested with 136K of Synthetic Marijuana

Aug 20, 2014

Credit McCracken County Sheriff's facebook

The McCracken County Sheriff’s Department has arrested a Paducah man on charges of trafficking synthetic marijuana. Feras Marj was arrested Tuesday with possession of $136,000 worth of the drug also known as Spice. 

During the search of Marj’s residence, detectives located over 2,700 bags of synthetic marijuana, a loaded handgun, and over $3,000 believed to be proceeds from drug sales. detectives determined that Marji was selling the bags of Spice at an average of $50 per bag, giving the seized synthetic marijuana a street value of approximately $136,000.

Several area hospitals have recently seen overdoses from Synthetic Marijuana. The substance is usually sprayed with a chemical which changes frequently to circumvent the law, so legislators often must catch up to criminalize the latest chemical compounds used. The McCracken County Attorney’s Office says it has taken a proactive role in fighting the drug, moving faster than the state or federal governments to criminalize the drug.

In November, 2011, after Synthetic Marijuana and drug paraphernalia was seized from Marj’s business, he signed a letter, that he knowingly sold the substance and that the items would soon be illegal, agreeing not to sell again.