Paducah Fire Dept Launches Storm Shelter Registration Program

Jun 24, 2014


The Paducah Fire Department is launching a storm shelter registration program to aid first responders in the case of a disaster. 

Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention Greg Cherry says first responders will always search damaged structures and homes after a severe storm or tornado, but the storm shelter's location isn’t always obvious. 

"In case debris, a tree or part of the house has collapsed on the shelter, we'll know whether to look for somebody in that particular location," said Cherry. "All people have to do is print out the form, fill it out and send it back to us. Then we will add that in to the CAD system and 911 so that we know in the case of an emergency that that address has a storm shelter." 

Cherry says it’s impossible to know how many storm shelters are in the Paducah area without some form of census.

He says the department was inspired to begin the program after Murray instated their own registry late last month

Registration is voluntary and free and involves providing contact information and details about the type and location of the storm shelter. Forms can be found online or at Paducah City Hall's Fire Prevention Division office. 

In Murray, forms can be found online or at Murray City Hall.