Paducah Finds Use For Old Executive Inn Building Material

Aug 14, 2013


Paducah’s Mayor and City Commission could recycle old building material for its Riverfront Redevelopment Project. The city is currently working on project near its downtown area that will include a gangway and transient boat dock accompanied by a landmass extending into the river. The Commission introduced an ordinance Tuesday to reuse a concrete slab from the old Executive Inn building.

If the ordinance is approved, workers will use the old hotel’s concrete as fill for the riverfront landmass. Paducah Mayor Gale Kaler said the plan is economically sound.

“All we have to do is dig it up," she said. "So we won’t have to get it from the quarry. We save a lot of money by using existing material.”

The slab’s removal will also prepare the Executive Inn site for any future use.  But, the substitution of old concrete for quarry rock will not change the city's $4.49 million contract with MAC Construction and Excavating, Inc.