Paducah Ambassadors Invite UNESCO Cities of Crafts and Folk Art to Region

Oct 6, 2016

UNESCO Cities of Crafts & Folk Art representatives in Sweden
Credit James Chen, Jingdezhen, City of Crafts & Folk Art, courtesy of Paducah CVB

Representatives from UNESCO Cities of Crafts and Folk Art will meet in Paducah next September. This will be the first formally-designated annual meeting of the thematic area. 

Paducah Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Mary Hammond and American Quilter's Society Executive Show Director Bonnie Browning made a formal invitation at the recent 10th Annual Meeting of UNESCO Creative Cities Network gathering in Östersund, Sweden in September. 

The goal will be to develop strategies of incorporating the arts into identity and strategic development. Laura Oswald of the Paducah CVB said great interest was expressed with the intention to participate and details will be finalized as the 2017 date nears.

Paducah Mayor Gayle Kaler said in a release she looks forward to the opportunity for Paducah to showcase its innovations on a global platform.

The network consists of 116 cities in 54 countries and is designed to strengthen creative and cultural ties between members. There are 20 cities in the Crafts and Folk Art area.

Paducah joined the United Nations organization in 2013.

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