Outdoorsman on 'Transformative Places' Ahead of MSU Talk

Apr 17, 2014

Outdoorsman, author, Murray native and Maryville College professor, Kim Trevathan speaks at Murray State University tonight (April 17) at 6:30 about his journeys on America's waterways. He visits Sounds Good for a preview of his talk, titled "Transformative Places" and addresses the questions of how we determine what constitutes beauty in a landscape and how we make decisions regarding preservation and development.

Kim Trevathan speaks in the Jones Auditorium of the Jones Chemistry Building on the Murray State campus at 6:30 p.m.

Kim Trevathan is the author of "Paddling the Tennessee River: A Voyage on Easy Water," "Coldhearted River: A Canoe Odyssey down the Cumberland," and most recently "Liminal Zones: Where Lakes End and Rivers Begin." Originally from Murray, Kentucky, he teaches at Maryville College in east Tennessee.

Kim Trevathan's author page on Facebook.