One New Commander At Fort Campbell Will Be Addressed As ‘Yes Ma’am’

Jun 19, 2014

The guard is changing at Fort Campbell, with a ceremony Friday to install Maj. Gen. Gary Volesky as commander of the 101st Airborne Division.

Throughout the division, officers are being promoted to new roles, including the first woman to ever serve as a brigade commander at Fort Campbell. 

Last week, Kimberly J. Daub was given authority over the 101st Sustainment Brigade, known as the “Lifeliners.” Most recently, she acted as division chief in charge of getting equipment out of Afghanistan as the U.S. draws down troop levels in that country. 

“She is one of the top logistician leaders,” said Maj. Gen. James McConville, who is leaving Fort Campbell for a new job with the Secretary of the Army.

According an Army spokesperson, there are currently three women serving as brigade commanders.

Advancement can often be difficult for military women because they’ve been unable to get combat experience needed to be promoted to the Army’s top jobs. Until recently, women were barred from almost any combat position.

The 101st Sustainment Brigade is not considered a front-line unit, but it has spent plenty of time in war zones, with nine soldiers killed during its last deployment. Daub’s brigade is likely to be sent back to Afghanistan.