NRC Orders Honeywell to Change Discrimination Policy and Guidelines

Mar 13, 2015

Credit WKMS File Photo

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has ordered Honeywell, Inc. to administer new policies for reporting employee and safety concerns.  

The order stems from an NRC investigation into a 2012 incident where a contractor for laundry services at Honeywell allegedly terminated one of its employees at the Metropolis plant after the worker reported smelling alcohol on the breath of a supervisor on duty.   

In December 2014, a mediation session between the parties resulted in the NRC not citing Honeywell for a violation but demanding corrective actions at the site.

Plant spokesman Peter Dalpe says the incident did not involve any Honeywell employees but the company has agreed to undertake training and policy changes at the site to address future issues.

According to the NRC, under the terms of the order, some of which also apply to two other Honeywell facilities, the company has agreed to have its senior managers conduct presentations to advise employees about the company’s policies encouraging the reporting of employee concerns. The company will also present training on the issue and will modify processes providing for ongoing management support for employee protection requirements. In addition, the company will review and update its Safety Conscious Work Environment Policy and incorporate applicable aspects of NRC’s Safety Culture Policy as appropriate.

The contractor no longer provides services at the facility.