Now that Draud's Out, What About That Car?

Frankfort – In June, state Education Commissioner Jon Draud apologized for ordering a 31-thousand dollar Chrysler 300, equipped with a global-positioning device and other amenities. He later asked that the car be declared surplus and auctioned off on E-Bay. He said he would be among the bidders. But now, in the wake of his resignation, he tells Kentucky Public Radio, "I have no intention of buying it." That's news to Glenn Mitchell of the Finance Cabinet. "Unless the Education Cabinet comes back to us and withdraws their request to surplus the vehicle, we would continue on with our plan to surplus it."

State School Board Chairman Joe Brothers tells Kentucky Public Radio that Draud "is not necessarily off the hook" in the matter. He says the subject likely will come up in January when the board plans to meet in special session to discuss how to proceed in the wake of Draud's resignation.