November Conversation with MSU President Dr. Randy Dunn

Nov 13, 2012

Dr. Dunn joined Chad Lampe for his monthly chat at WKMS last week. In this conversation Dr. Dunn discusses MSU's enrollment growth and hones in on some of the specifics, including an uptick in first time freshman students and significant growth in international student enrollment.

Dr. Dunn also talks about the need for remedial courses at MSU and how Kentucky's new core content (K-PREP) tests give the university an indication of how many incoming students from the region will need remediation.

We also get an update on the budget planning and review process ongoing at MSU, and what a preliminary report to the board of regents might look like at the December quarterly meeting.  Dr. Dunn also provides more insight into his decision to self-select out of his candidacy for Missouri State's Presidency and uncertainty surrounding his contract with Murray State.