Nothern Kentucky Voting Maching Problems

Nov 4, 2008

Louisville, KY – The Kenton County Board of Election is meeting to discuss the best way to count some ballots that may have been incorrectly tallied this morning. Poll workers realized about seven o'clock this morning that their voting machines had been programmed incorrectly. When a voter indicated a straight party ticket, the machine recorded all the votes except their vote for the local state senate race.
Kentucky Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Les Fugate says the machines - called e-slates - have been removed and replaced with a different type of machine. But the county board of elections will decide today how to count the votes cast before the malfunction was discovered. Fugate Says, "Clearly, voters an intent to vote for one particular candidates or the other, the question is, whether a voter would have the option to remove that intent for a particular race, so the county board of election is going to go back and study that and determine what kind of action they may need to take." Fugate says voting processes are running well throughout the rest of the state, with the exception of some long lines in Louisville and Lexington.