No Alcohol Sales in McCracken On Election Day

Mar 26, 2014

The McCracken County Fiscal Court voted 3-1 to pass a county ordinance prohibiting alcohol sales on Election Day with Commissioner Zana Renfro dissenting.

McCracken County resident Henry Hillman pointed out several restaurants in Paducah that did not sell alcohol. He told the court that if they thought the businesses would have revenue affected then they should vote no for anti-alcohol sales.

“I’m happy that they’ve decided to keep a ban on sale of alcohol during an election. I don’t feel like it’s making a real financial burden on the people that sell alcohol.” McCracken County resident Henry Hillman said.

Restaurant owner Susan Engdahl said the state amended the law that did not allow liquor to be sold on Election Day because it was outdated.

“The law was instituted 100 years ago due to the exchange of whiskey for votes and most polling and voting venues were in bars and saloons. This is no longer the case. Which essentially makes this law archaic and out of date,” Engdahl said.

“We do support the sale of alcohol on Election Day, said Five Star Food Mart Blake Anderson.

One supporter pointed out that the law is not an entire day, but is only 12 hours, 2 days a year. 26 people attended the meeting.