New Report Pushes Reform for Kentucky Nursing Homes

Jul 16, 2012

A new report has advocates for the nursing home industry in Kentucky saying “I told you so.” The report by Aon  Global Risk Consulting ranks Kentucky as the worst state for expenses per bed and for the amount of litigation against nursing homes. 

Kentucky Association of Healthcare Facilities Chairwoman Wanda Meade says the study validates her organization's push for tort reform.

“Well the report simply verifies what we’ve been telling our legislators and what we’ve been trying to get out in the state is that, the expense of operating a nursing home in the state of Kentucky is increasing based on the amount of expense due to litigation that we have,” says Meade.

The Kentucky Justice Association disputes the fairness of the report. They say it's biased in favor of nursing homes and researchers unfairly selected certain states for review. The KJA says Kentucky doesn’t have a litigation problem, but rather nursing homes need to provide better care.