New Positions at Montgomery Co. Sheriff's Office Have No Extra Cost

Oct 3, 2012

Recent promotions and newly-created titles at Montgomery County, Tennessee’s Sheriff’s Office won’t cost the agency extra money.  Officials with the department say they’ll actually cut costs. 

John Smith was promoted from lieutenant to chief deputy, replacing the retiring Ed Patterson.  Former captains William Bowers and Doug Tackett will fill the two new assistant chief deputy positions. The Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle reports:

Raises are involved for these and other promotions, but now-Chief Smith, reached by phone while out of town on Tuesday, explained that because his old lieutenant position will not be filled, the agency will save about two-thirds of a lieutenant’s salary.

The changes are a long-sought bolstering of the Sheriff’s Office leadership, Smith said.

“I like it,” he said. “I think it’s a great teamwork structure, and it will be more efficient without costing more money.”

The restructuring plan included several other promotions and was designed to keep up with the community’s needs.