New Pipeline Expected to Lower Rates, Risk in Clarksville

May 23, 2013


Clarksville city officials are awaiting federal approval for a new natural gas pipeline that is expected to ensure service and lower rates to city residents.

The pipeline will be used in conjunction with the existing line south of the city. Clarksville Gas and Water Director Pat Hickey said the pipeline redundancy will allow for uninterrupted service if the older line fails.

"Natural gas - it's one of those things people somewhat take for granted, and they expect it to be there," he said. "I don't think people fully realize the effort that goes into ensuring that they have that service day in and day out."

Hickey said the additional line will also give the department the ability to negotiate transport prices with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, keeping costs lower for rate payers.

The $15-16 million project will extend the pipeline 22 miles across the Kentucky state line to Clarksville’s gas grid near Guthrie Highway. 

Officials hope to have the projected completed within two years.