New Hopkinsville Chamber Director Outlines Plans to Grow Community

May 6, 2014

Marian Mason has returned to her childhood home of Christian County as the new Executive Director of the Christian County Chamber of Commerce. On Sounds Good, she speaks with Kate Lochte about some of the efforts in the works in the Hopkinsville/Christian Co. area, such as connecting veterans with jobs (after First Lady Michelle Obama's recent Fort Campbell visit), legislative agenda successes, community vision plan, entrepreneurial business plan competition and the recent rebranding/remodeling of the Chamber building.

"Most economic developers and economists will tell you, it's a business community; it's typically existing businesses that grow our work force, so we want to try and encourage more and more people to look at starting their own businesses, trying to become as successful as they possibly can, and trying to employ as many people as they possibly can."

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