New Eggner's Ferry Bridge Will Open to Two-Lane Traffic in the Next 2-3 Weeks

Mar 16, 2016

Credit Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is preparing to open the new $133 million Kentucky Lake bridge to traffic.

KYTC spokesman Keith Todd says the new four-lane U.S. 68/KY 80 Eggner’s Ferry Bridge will open to two-lane traffic in the next two to three weeks. Todd said it’s important to get traffic moved over to the new bridge now so the cabinet and contractors can plot the removal of the 84-year-old Eggner’s Ferry Bridge.

“One of the reasons why that is critical is that the new bridge, the main spain of the new bridge and the new navigation channel, there’s an offset from the old bridge and so the Coast Guard has asked to as soon as possible remove the old bridge," Todd said.

Credit Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

  “I’m not sure what the timeline will be [for demolition], but at least once traffic is off of the existing bridge, the contractor can start putting together a realistic timeline and determine what events are going to happen and on what date," Todd said.

The announcement comes a day after the final concrete pour on the deck of the new bridge. Todd said it should be fully open to four-lane traffic by the end of the year.

The remaining work to be finished before traffic can move to the new bridge includes the pouring of concrete on barrier walls and an inspection on the deck's support cables.