Neal Bradley's Racer Basketball Update: Hot Shooting & Season-High Winning Streak

Dec 19, 2014

Credit Tab Brockman,

The Murray State Racer Men's Basketball team is red-hot on the court with a five game winning-streak heading into tomorrow's game with Illinois State. On Sounds Good, Tracy Ross and "Voice of the Racers" Neal Bradley discuss the Reacers' hot shooting and season-high streak. 

Their season long winning streak sits at five games, with a record of 7-4 overall. What's behind this push for high shooting on the outside? Bradley says Coach Prohm has kick-started an effort after a loss at Nashville to change by implementing intensive training in what the players call the "Steve Prohm Boot Camp." 

On Saturday, December 20, they host the Illinois State Redbirds for the first time since 1971, at 3 p.m. in the CFSB Center. Bradley predicts this will be a difficult game. Illinois' lead scorer broke his hand so they may come to this game a little weaker, but they have good overall talent on the team and some remarkable wins (defeating Old Dominion). Bradley says he expects a huge crowd for this game.

Monday night against SIU Carbondale: Bradley says this is a more experienced team than the last time MSU faced them. They have a good shooter and as it's one of those regional rivalries, it should be a fun game.

New Years resolution? Bradley says he's like to see the team play better defensive rebounding. He would also like to see players' names on the back of jerseys for his sake broadcasting... but that may be wishful thinking.

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