Nashville Clergy Ask Lawmakers WWJD on Medicaid Expansion

Credit A.Davey Wikimedia Commons

Would Jesus expand Tennessee’s Medicaid program? That’s the question a left-leaning clergy group is asking the General Assembly, and they believe the answer is yes.

Pastors and priests delivered baskets of bread loaves and paper fish to each legislator. The attempted biblical parallel is to the miracle of feeding the 5,000.

The federal money to expand Medicaid would be akin to the original five loaves and two fish. Lawmakers would play the apostles, who distributed the food that fed everyone and then some.

Rev. Michael Williams is from Nashville’s West End United Methodist Church.

“I believe many of these people are faithful Christian folks, and being reminded of stories just might help.”

Some Republican legislators have been trying to block the expansion of Medicaid to cover roughly 180,000 Tennesseans.

Governor Bill Haslam hasn’t exactly said no, or yes. He says he happens to agree with the clergy, but the move has to be financially sustainable for the state.

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