Nashville Actor 'Finds' Nat King Cole in Hopkinsville

Jan 30, 2014

The famous Route 66 makes a path through HopkinsvilleĀ on February 8. Nashville-based actor Jeff Obafemi Carr brings his one-man performance Route 66: Finding Nat King Cole to the Alhambra Theatre for an evening of stories and tapestry of tribute to the late jazz musician. He previews the upcoming performance with Kate Lochte on Sounds Good.

"As I got older, and as I started getting into theatre and as I started producing and writing plays, I always said that I wanted to do something that would discuss my relationship with, not only my father, but my relationship with Nat King Cole's music... I became a singer early on and one of the artists that I just modeled everything after was Nat King Cole."

Jeff Obafemi Carr tells Kate about his deep and long-lasting connection with Nat King Cole's music, and how it has inspired nearly every single artistic endeavor he has undertaken. Nat King Cole's music played such an important role in Carr's life and career that Carr created a musical chronicling Nat King Cole's life, in which Carr plays the starring (and only) role. Carr also recalls his childhood where his father introduced introduced him to Nat King Cole's music, and supported Carr's artistic dreams.

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