Murray State's Ordway Hall is Safe...For Now

Jun 4, 2012

A historic building on Murray State’s campus slated for demolition is safe for now. 

MSU’s Board of Regents took no action on razing the 80-year-old Ordway Hall during last week’s quarterly meeting. In August the board discussed tearing down the deteriorating building if no cost-effective option was available to save it. The board was set to move on the issue last week, but President Randy Dunn says the building might still be saved.  

“In kind of a scouring of foundations that might support this found the Valley Foundation that does support renewal and renovation and historical preservation efforts. They’ve particularly focused on higher education institutions. We’ve actually completed an application to that foundation, it continues to be under review, and we’ll see what the outcome is.”

Dunn doesn’t know how much of the estimated 10 million dollar project the Valley foundation could cover, and whether or not the university would provide matching funds if necessary.  Dunn says demolition will remain on hold while they await word on the application, and until then, the university can find office space for dislocated workers now housed in Ordway hall.