Murray State University Presidential Search Committee Narrows Candidates to Three

Feb 7, 2014


Murray State University’s presidential search committee narrowed its search to three finalists in a unanimous decision at today’s closed meeting.

Committee Chairman Steve Williams says the finalists’ names likely won’t be released until next month and that Board of Regents Chairman Constantine Curris will make that decision.

“I don’t know when the names will be released but I would say that the normal, the way this is done in most places is that the names would be released prior to them getting to campus but a relatively short period of time before they get to campus.”

Williams says by withholding the names from the public, the search committee is protecting the candidates the best they can from repercussions in their current jobs. Search committee members have been calling the candidates’ references for several weeks prior to their decision.

Williams says the finalists will visit in March to meet with groups on campus and interview with the Board of Regents. He added that the board will likely make their decision at March’s board meeting.