Murray State Rodeo Team Involved In Traffic Accident, Horse Euthanized

Sep 27, 2013


A vehicle accident in Paducah involving the Murray State University Rodeo Team resulted in a horse being euthanized. No students were injured.

Thursday morning, team members were driving 20 trailer rigs to a National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association event in Marshall County when two female team members were involved in an accident.

The women were approaching Exit 11 on Interstate 24 when the vehicle in front of them stopped abruptly. The student driving the truck swerved off the road to avoid hitting the line of vehicles in front of her, causing the trailer to jackknife and unhook from the truck. The trailer turned over on its side and threw the horses through the roof. 

MSU Rodeo Coach J.D. VanHooser said one of the animals had to be put down. Another was badly injured, but veterinary services personnel said it should recover. VanHooser said the loss of a horse is difficult but he's thankful no students were hurt. VanHooser said this was the only incident of an animal being injured on a trip since he’s been coach.