Murray State Hires Contractor, Prepares for Ordway Demolition

Jun 17, 2013

Credit ASSE Murray State University Student Section, Facebook

Murray State University is preparing to demolish an historic building next month. The Board of Regents opted to tear down the 81-year-old Ordway Hall in 2011. 

A Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education study in 2007 found the structure lacked sufficient support and did not meet current code standards.

The board looked to donors to pay for the almost $10 milllion in needed renovations.

With no donor support, Facilities Management Director Kim Oatman says, with no other way to save the building, Codell Construction should begin razing the thirty-eight-thousand-square-foot facility in three weeks.

"The building is old, and in disrepair," he said. "Over the years, there’s not been adequate funding to keep it up."

Oatman says Codell will carefully tear down the building around its facade, which will remain as a site memorial and green space in the central campus.