Murray State Encouraged About Early Enrollment Boost

Aug 11, 2014

Credit Wikimedia

Murray State University has seen a 5 percent increase in early enrollment, which is 3 percent higher than expected.

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management Fred Dietz said that number bodes well for fall enrollment, but the percentage is subject to change as the school semester progresses.

“Really, for the next almost two months, our enrollment will fluctuate and some students will withdraw and some will enroll," Dietz said. "So there’s a lot that can take place but overall it’s encouraging right now.”

International and transfer student enrollment saw some of the highest increases, with both experiencing a 16 percent rise between 2013 and 2014.  Dietz said Mid-Continent University’s closing probably boosted the overall transfer number but is not the main reason for the increase, mentioning that transfer recruitment has become very aggressive.

Dietz said enrollment could still increase this fall, but the official enrollment number won't be determined until October 25.