Murray Share A Seed Program Gives Trees to Park and Community Members

May 1, 2014

Mike Gowen explains how, in its tenth year, the Murray Share A Seed Program has received a grant from National Wildlife Federation for 150 native trees. Fifty trees will be planted throughout Murray community parks and another one-hundred will be given away to community members who come to the park on Friday, May 2 between 9 am and Noon. MES will also be donating seedlings to the Murray Art Guild for their Needline garden in back of the Guild. Tracy Ross speaks with Mike Gowen on Sounds Good for details.

"I'm just happy we have 150 native trees. We're going to plant 50 of those, and then we have 100 to give away to any interested community member, so if you need a native tree for your yard...we have white oak, pin oak, shag-bark hickory and persimmon trees."

The program was designed to compliment the P1 KERA standards for science. It specifically looks at plants, plant parts and the life-cycle of plants. Murray State University Recreation students plan creative & fun environmental education programs that reinforce concepts previously covered in the P1 science curriculum.  Students are given the chance to get dirty & creative through hands-on activities including planting seeds, playing plant bingo, caring for their school landscape, designing plant instruction booklets, participating in interactive nature walks and experiencing Murray State’s greenhouse.