Murray Receives $800K to Build New Sidewalk on Busy North Side

Jun 12, 2017

Credit Rob Canning, WKMS

The City of Murray is moving forward with a new sidewalk project on the busy north side of town. 

The city received at the end of May nearly $799,985 in federal funding to build a new sidewalk along Highway 641 on the north side of town. Mayor Jack Rose presented an update at a City Council meeting last week.

The project is funded through the Transportation Alternatives Program and requires a 20% city match ($199,996). 

The sidewalk would extend along the west side of 641 North connecting Route 121 to Frontage Road then along Stadium View Drive to Diuguid Drive. The sidewalk would be on the outside of the guardrail (away from the road). 

Project Manager Marisa Mayer says the sidewalk would make a safer route for pedestrians going to and from Walmart, "You know how busy 641 is. That is a very well traversed road. We just want to make sure everyone is safe," she said. 

Mayer says the project is still in the early stages and the next step is selecting an engineering firm to design the sidewalks.