Murray To Open Disability Friendly Playground This March

Feb 14, 2018

The first phase of a new disability friendly playground in Murray is near completion. The project is part of  the Murray Center for Accessible Living initiative to make public spaces more accessible.

Center Manager Carissa Johnson said the playground will include wheelchair accessible picnic tables, monkey bars and swings that were purchased with an anonymous $25,000 dollar donation. She said their main goal is to make a park that is inclusive for all ages and abilities.

 “One of the reasons why we chose the site that we did is that it was next to the existing playground,” said Johnson. “Whole families can come in and those without disabilities and kids with disabilities can play together and go back and forth between the playgrounds.

Johnson said future expansions could include sensory-friendly items for autistic children, musical instruments, and braille teaching tools. More phases will be implemented as funds become available.

Murray-Calloway County Parks Director Ryan Yates said they are still raising funds to support the new playground by selling engraved bricks. The bricks are $100 each and make up the entrance to the park.

The new playground is expected to open the first week of March.