Murray Fire Department Starts Storm Shelter Registry for Use in Natural Disasters

May 28, 2014


Murray’s Fire Department starts a new program today making it easier to locate people in storm shelters after natural disasters.

Murray Fire Marshal Dickie Walls says emergency responders search all damaged structures after natural disasters, but storm shelters’ locations aren’t always obvious. 

He says the idea, which has no additional cost to the fire department, came after the EF5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, killed more than 20 people.

“During one of the news conferences that I was watching the fire chief made a statement that they had a storm shelter registry and that they were able to use that registry to search for survivors in the storm shelter that were blocked by debris and that people were trapped inside,” he said.”

All entries into the database are voluntary. Forms for registering your shelter are at the Murray Fire Department’s office on South 5th Street or online at their website.