Murray Church Holds Vigil in Response to Las Vegas Massacre

Oct 4, 2017

Credit Matt Markgraf, WKMS

About 30 Murray residents gathered at a church Wednesday night for a vigil in response to the Las Vegas massacre. 

The congregation at St. John's Episcopal Church prayed for victims, first responders, volunteers, officials and others. Reverend Matt Bradley questioned how someone could inflict pain on strangers, from the Pulse Nightclub shooting last year to the tragic events on Sunday, that included a young couple from neighboring Tennessee.

“We mourn for all those who have had loved ones snatched away from them. Especially Heather Melton of Henry County, Tennessee, whose husband Sonny laid down his life shielding her from the gunfire on Sunday night,” Bradley said.

Residents of Big Sandy, Tennessee, where Sonny and his wife lived, held a vigil Monday night for the family.

Bradley said, “I invite all of us to ask God one question: what, oh Lord, are you calling me to do in response to this tragedy?” He said through mourning one will find blessing and in that blessing will be made ready to learn.