Murray Art Guild Works 'Side By Side' With Students With Disabilities

Aug 8, 2014

Murray Art Guild 'Side by Side' 2014 is now on display in the Guild Gallery. Sponsored by VSA Kentucky, a statewide organization that works to incorporate the arts for students with disabilities, the project pairs local students with artists in the community to create original, collaborative artwork. Murray Art Guild Executive Director Debi Danielson brings some creations to our studio and describes how the kids and artists worked together.

Debi Danielson says it's a great workshop for both the kids and the artists because they work at the same time, often on the same canvas, where communication is in the creation of artwork.

This is the fourth or fifth year the Murray Art Guild has partnered with VSA to make this free workshop available. The creations go to a fundraising event for VSA in Louisville, where the auction proceeds benefit the program, allowing it to remain sustainable and free for kids across the Commonwealth. Depending on funding, VSA will take nice photos of the creations for the kids or often parents will purchase the piece. 

This year’s creative partnerships include Garrison Kelly and Shannon Duffy, Allison Salazar and Tom Kelly, Hannah Babcock and Debi Henry Danielson, Chris Pool and Wyatt Severs, Stephen Quast and Marie Dolchan, Ally Hathcock and Rosemary Kandt, and Jayson Walker and Joy Thomas. All of the work is currently on display at the Guild’s Gallery. There will be a closing reception Sunday August 10, 3 p.m.

Murray Art Guild is located at 500 N. 4th St. in Murray.

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