Murray Art Guild to Host Community Weaving Event

Jan 31, 2018

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The Murray Art Guild is hosting "Interwoven," a community weaving event designed to encourage unity.  Executive director Debi Danielson stopped by Sounds Good to discuss the project.

"We started the project … wanting to do kind of a public art piece that really spoke to the individual in the community, but also kind of celebrated the whole," Danielson said.  "You know, things are so divisive in so many different ways, we were interested in launching a public piece that really spoke about cohesiveness on a community level."

Danielson said the event will take place at the Robert O. Miller Conference Center the next two Saturdays from 10 a.m.-noon each day.  Once the project is completed, an opening reception will be held at the conference center Friday, February 23, and it will remain on display until March 2.

More information on upcoming events at the Murray Art Guild can be found online at