Murray ABC Report Shows Steady Revenue, Higher DUIs

Aug 21, 2014

Credit Toni Blay, Flickr Commons

The City of Murray’s revenue from alcohol sales is steady this quarter, with alcohol-related crime showing no dramatic increase. 

That’s according to the city’s Alcohol Beverage Control’s latest report.

ABC Administrator Sergeant Kendra Clere says the number of DUIs did rise this year, to 212 up from 175 cases in 2013, close to a 30% increase. But Clere says that increase doesn’t necessarily mean that more people were driving drunk.

“The crime rate really hasn’t gone up that much other than the DUIs and AIs which was expected because we have more officers out and we do extra patrols," said Clere. "That’s the reason for the increase; we just have more people going out strictly looking for DUIs."

Clere says 45 establishments pay alcohol taxes to the city, which brought in more than $250,000 this quarter and over $1 million for fiscal year 2013. She says although alcohol sales were higher this quarter, the city’s net revenue was slightly higher in the first. Clere says that’s attributable to liquor license renewal.

Money from alcohol taxes and fees goes into the Murray Police Department’s budget.

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