MSU Professor Speaks on Cardiovascular Risk in W. Ky. Children

Aug 19, 2012

Not too many years ago, when a child went to a dietician, it was because he or she was too thin. Now, dieticians say they are seeing more overweight, and even obese children. The Centers for Disease Control found in 2010 that 1 in 7 preschool age children is obese. With extra weight comes increased health risks, and to treat a problem, it’s better to catch it early. The Purchase Area Health Education Center is working with several counties in the region to find children who may be at risk for cardiovascular problems.

Murray State nursing professor Dr. Dana Manley helps to measure children as part of the CARDIAC program. She’s also completed research into the 2008 and 2009 data, to get a better picture of cardiovascular risk in the region. Angela Hatton speaks with Manley about the most recent research, and what it means for our region's health.