MSU Board of Regents Takes No Action on President Dunn's Contract

Jun 1, 2012

Murray State’s Board of Regents took no action on President Randy Dunn’s contract at it's quarterly meeting on Friday.

The board had undertaken a comprehensive review over the last 10 months seeking comment from both inside and outside the university community. Dunn’s four year contract expires in June of 2014. Board Chairman Dr. Constantine “Deno” Curris says Dunn had a good review overall, but he also has some aspects that need improvement.  

Curris says the board is faced with a contract decision next year. “By the end of his third year we will make a decision on whether to off the president a new contract," Curris said.

Curris says the board could offer a one, two, three or four year contract to Dunn at that time. The board also passed the university’s 153 million dollar budget for 2012/13. Next year, however, President Dunn will head a comprehensive budget task force to reduce costs and re-prioritize spending.