MSU Board of Regents Creates Dunn Contract Committee

Dec 14, 2012

Credit Murray State.EDU

Murray State Board of Regents Chairman Constantine "Deno" Curris announced a new ad-hoc committee Friday whose job it will be to evaluate President Randy Dunn’s contract.

Curris will create the committee in January. He says the committee's subsequent meetings will not be open to the public due to their confidential nature. 

Faculty Regent Jack Rose and Staff Regent Phil Schooley extended their constituencies' support of Dunn at Friday's quarterly board of Regents meeting.

Student Regent Jeremiah Johnson did not voice his support for Dunn. He says Murray State’s student government association wants more campus input before it takes a stance on the issue.

“We are getting ready to do a survey they are doing through the president’s diversity coalition," Johnson said. "And they are doing a survey basically to see how students feel about campus. And I think we are going to tack on to that to see how they feel about Dr. Dunn and his admin. And just kind of feel from that.”

The contract committee presents their findings to the full board on March 15.  The full board will likely act on Dunn's contract in June 2013. Dunn's current contract expires in June of 2014. Dunn, who has been a finalist for two other positions in the past three months, has said that he will continue to seek "exceptional career opportunities" until the board acts on his current contract.